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Using Online File Storage(CLOUD)

Why would someone want online file hosting? It allows you to do a lot of things with your files. You can store many different types of files online. It is a way to host files online and let certain people of your choosing to download them for their own use. You can have them do this via the internet or by file transfer protocol (FTP). There are many different uses for online file storage.

If you look online you will find a lot of companies that offer online file storage. You will have to pay a specified amount in order to load your files onto their site. It is a good way for developers to share their programs with other interested users on the internet. Anyone who would like to try the program can download it and try it out. Some even allow users to modify the program in order to help in its development and work out any bugs it may have. Another use for online file storage is by individual users. Let’s say that you had some very important files on your computer.

The files housed some secret information that you didn’t want to ever be seen by someone else. You knew that if your computer was destroyed or malfunctioned, you could lose the files forever. This would be catastrophic for your business or for you personally. One option that you now have is the use of online storage. You can backup these files through a secure network. No one else will be able to access the files except you. Your files will be safer if you store them online, that way when your computer goes down they will be there waiting. You can access them if you need to and when you get your pc straightened out or get a new one, you can just go to the site and get all your files back with ease. This is better than using compact disks for instance as they only have a limited shelf life and you may find they will not read when the time comes to retrieve your files. You will probably be charged according to the space your files will occupy on their server. The more files you have and the bigger they are, the more it will cost you to store them. You may also be charged for bandwidth you use which will depend on how many times you files are downloaded.

They have to charge you a fee otherwise they could not continue to provide this service as they have to pay extra fees for more storage and bandwidth use. Some websites will have the necessary tools for you to use their services. Other companies may not have these tools on their site so you may have to use additional software. You can easily learn to use this type of software, but if you have any problems, the site will give you plenty of help to solve whatever problem you may have. Online file storage can save you a lot of trouble. If you have files you need to put in a safe place, look into using online storage.