Tips for Computer / Desktop Maintenance

Your computer might not come with as high of a price tag or as many moving parts as your car, but laptops and desktops require just as much regular maintenance to keep running efficiently and securely. Desktops come with lots of peripherals that need regular upkeep and cleaning

Computer Cleaning

  • Clean your computer & Keyboards
  • Monitor Cleaning
  • Mouse cleaning
  • Organize your cords
  • Clean your pheripherals
  • Re-built your Desktops
  • Change all your Hardwares
  • Have ups connected
  • Never unplug peripherals from the computer when it is powered up.
  • Do not let a lot of programs load up when you start your computer.
  • Do use an antivirus checker regularly
    If you have a high speed Internet connection, you need a firewall program