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How to recover a Deleted file 

Step 1

Check your recycle bin to see if the file is still there. The Recycle Bin holds files before deleting them, thus permitting you to restore them should you change your mind. To restore a file, open the Recycle Bin, right-click on the file, then select Restore. The file will return to its original position on the hard drive.

Step 2
Stop accessing the drive. If your files cannot be found in the Recycle Bin, save or delete nothing on your computer. You will have better chances of finding the file if you don’t save anything new.

Step 3
Download program for data recovery on another computer, or another drive. Be careful not to save the program on the drive that you are trying to recover the file from. Some of the popular data recovery programs that you can get for free include Recuva, Glary Undelete, MiniTool Partition Recovery, Puran File Recovery

Step 4
Run the downloaded recovery program. Follow the basic steps.

Step 5
Be precise at what you are searching. Make sure the recovery program is searching at the disk that the file was at the time it was deleted. You can specify file type, name and date of creation.

Step 6
When the program has finished scanning, look through the result list to check if your fie is included. If you have found it, select your file and click the Restore button.